Technique: 30 Day Challenge

We all like to get the most out from the effort that we put in.

When it comes to your running, that means 2 things:

1) Train in a way that reflects your goals

2) Improve your running technique

The type of training that you do is always going to matter.

If you’re following one of my iRunning programs to help you prepare for your next race then this side of things is already taken care of for you.

But how you run can have an incredible impact on the effectiveness of the work you put in.

Moving forces through your body in a way that minimises unnecessary stress and move you forwards more efficiently.

The more efficient you become as a runner, the less effort it requires to hold a steady pace, or alternatively you can hold a faster pace for the same effort.

In other words, get ready to say hello to some shiny new PBs.

30dayrunchallengeAs an added bonus, when you’re transmitting those forces efficiently you’re less likely to pick up niggles that side line you from training for days on end.

Running technique and strength conditioning are important, but it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.

Good friend of mine & fellow running coach James Dunne from Kinetic Revolution has put together a completely free 30 day running technique program that I think  you should take a look at.

To be honest I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t think of this myself, as he really has covered all the bases when it comes to improving your technique.

And remember: it’s not the knowing that gets you going, it’s the doing.

By focusing on a specific thing each day for 30 days, you can avoid the overwhelm of trying to overhaul your technique in one go.

Way too many things to think about.

I’m going to be following this 30 day ‘challenge’ over the Winter myself, so if you’re still trying to answer the question of ‘what should I focus on before my next training program kicks in’, then this could be the perfect solution.