5 must-dos for the Christmas period

These next couple of weeks are going to be a bit nuts for you I’m sure, in fact the craziness has probably already started.

Loads of my clients and members have been saying how they’ve had the mother of all runs of Christmas parties and socials, it seems non-stop.

Who said Christmas was a time for relaxing!

And of course with all the parties comes all the food and the booze which, well let’s face it, you’re going to eat aren’t you.

This is a pretty crap time of year to be trying to stick religiously to a diet.

Even if by some miracle you did manage it, you’d be so stressed out and utterly exhausted with having to exert all that will power that you may as well have just had the damned mince pie in the first place.

So let’s assume that you’re going to go off the rails a bit, you still don’t want to feel like the walking dead for the next 10 days.

Toxins, digestive system disrupters, energy sapping sludge… if you can’t avoid ‘em, at least give yourself a bit of protection.

Fill your boots with these five. Load up with them and you should remain just about evens until you step on the gas in the New Year.

1) Coconut oil

The lauric acid in this oil enhances the immune system, which is going to be taking a bit of a battering at this time of year. Just have a teaspoon or two in the morning by itself or in a smoothie (or in your coffee – tastes amazing!)

2) Spinach

And other leafy greens like kale and watercress. They’re packed with the vitamins & minerals that are going to keep you healthy whilst you’re packing in the marzipan Stollen.

Have a couple of portions of these every day.

3) Water

Late nights, booze, toxins… all very dehydrating. Just upping your water intake will make a difference to how you feel.

4) Exercise

Just 20 minutes. That’s all you need for a short sharp high intensity workout.

20 minutes is plenty of time to do some damage out there on the roads, even though it may be way down on what you’d normally put in.

Just do something, because it’s going to help keep your energy pumping and YOU feeling like you’re still in control.

5) Fish oils

Either as a supplement or from fish like salmon and sardines, omega 3 oils are anti-inflammatory.

Processed foods and high levels of carbohydrates are going to cause inflammation in your body so loading up on omega 3 is one of the best ways to counter these effects.

3g or more a day, and if you’re supplementing make sure you go for the good stuff (cheapy cheapy brands are often rancid, taste minging and have zero effect)

Remember, there are three ways you can get healthy:

1) Eliminate the crap
2) Add in the good stuff
3) Do both.

Don’t give your body too much to deal with these next couple of weeks, add in these 5 and you’ll come out on top.

I’m sure you’ll have a few ideas for what you want to achieve in the fitness and health stakes for 2014 but for now just enjoy yourself and limit the damage ;)