The pressure to ‘know your purpose’

Setting goals isn’t an easy thing to do. At least not the big, meaningful ones. We’re ok at setting the weight loss or performance goals, but sometimes it can feel like we’re under a lot of pressure to be crystal clear on our greater aspirations. To articulate precisely what it is that we want to achieve. But it isn’t an easy thing to do. Lurching from one short term goal to the next doesn’t quite hit the mark. Lose 10lb. Run a marathon. Learn to swim. All great big goals, and all of them just a part of something bigger that’s a hell of a lot harder to define. This… Read the full article »

Run Every Day?

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m a real runner. I’ve done a few races over the last 30 years but I’ve always cycled between lots of running, then very little running. A few years ago I even contemplated quitting as a coach because I didn’t feel like enough of a runner. I decided to continue when I realised that being a runner is more a state of mind than a test you have to pass. There’s no minimum standard or speed or frequency.  You don’t have to train for races or even try to get better. 2 people can do exactly the same amount of running and one will consider herself to… Read the full article »

Have you ever been a complete beginner

I’m having an interesting experience at the moment as I learn how to swim. Both of my last 2 big goals – running 10 back to back marathons and running 100 miles in 24 hours – although challenging, were extensions of what I could already do. I was on familiar ground; some way along a sliding scale and all I had to do was move along a few more notches. Swimming is different. Because I have to get ON the scale before I can begin to move along it. I’m a complete beginner, and I’m loving it. It’s turning out to be such a powerful experience, that I want to… Read the full article »

This nearly killed me

It was 5 full minutes before I could pick myself up off the floor and even then my legs weren’t fully operational. I’d just rolled off the rowing machine, having rowed 2000m as fast as I could thanks to a client ‘challenge’. I squirmed around trying to find a position I could recover in where my thighs weren’t burning through my shorts or my heart jumping out of my chest. Not an easy position to find, and as the minutes ticked by without any noticeable decline in heart rate or level of pain, all I could think about what how glad I was that it was over. Any notion I… Read the full article »

Epic video

“The longer I stay up here the longer I’m scared” That was my favourite quote from Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham as he sat in his wheelchair on top of an enormous skate ramp at ‘Bob’s Dreamland’. It was just before he rolled down at a ridiculous speed, jumped off the end and crash-landed on his back. I don’t normally send out links to videos like this but I took so much away from what happened next that I wanted you to see it too. There’s one other passing comment that Aaron says in the video at 1:09 that I was talking about with one of my coaching clients this morning. Worth… Read the full article »