Be selfish

‘In the event of a drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the panel above your head.

Please fit your own mask before attending to others.’

Oxygen mask

Oxygen masks: stretchy

Obviously if you pass out from lack of oxygen you ain’t going to be much help to anybody else in an emergency.

Selfish though it may sound, if you want to help other people you have to put yourself first, whether you’re stuck on a plane in an emergency descent or just trying to juggle all the extra demands there seem to be this time of the year.

Ask yourself this:

What kind of person are you when you’re exercising regularly and eating pretty well?

I’ll bet you’re a nicer person to be around than when you’re in one of those periods where you can’t be arsed to train and the diet goes out the window.

Probably have really low energy levels, wake up in the morning feeling like you just went to bed, and go into inexplicably bad moods.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Look, this time of year is busy for all of us.

There are heaps more distractions and temptations, and it seems everybody wants their slice of your time.

But if you give in and let the festive period hand you your ass, you’re not helping anybody.

So be selfish.

Affix your OWN oxygen mask first BEFORE helping others.