Beginner’s Luck in paperback


Women’s magazines: better than men’s?

I seem to be buying an awful lot of women’s fitness magazines at the moment.

I popped into my local newsagents last week to pick up my first ever copy of BodyFit magazine and the woman who served me wrinkled her nose and said “that’s daylight robbery that is”.

Great sales technique I thought, but I was committed as I’d written an article for them and wanted to see how it looked.

After ripping through the layers of wrapping I was pleased to see my little contribution, along with a mention for my book, Beginner’s Luck Guide for Non-Runners.  

Since I published it last year thousands of people have used the program to help them start running more confidently.

Well a couple of days ago I was very excited as the paperback version hit the virtual shelves of Amazon.

Beginner’s Luck in paperback 


Books: exciting

From the feedback I’ve had over the past 12 months it seems that many people still prefer to read real books rather than the Kindle – what’s your verdict?

I love reading books on the Kindle but I do still enjoy a physical book as well.  I doubt that digital will ever completely replace print, but it’s an exciting time to be in that market.

I’m also fairly certain that I wouldn’t have done things any differently – this was my first book and without the straight forward Kindle publishing process I’d probably never have even started.

But since I did get started it’s grown into something much bigger than I ever expected, and I’m quite proud of what everybody has achieved with the program.  

Beginner’s Luck Groups

A couple of days ago I spoke with a personal trainer friend of mine over in Dublin, Hannah Buchannan about what she’s done with the program.

Hannah is a real motivator and has been running 10 week coaching programs with groups of complete beginners, and one of the things she told me really hit home (and this applies to so many things outside of running too) 


Beginner’s Luck groups: they’re the future

“On the very first day when I tell them that they’ll be running for an hour in just 10 weeks’ time, I say ‘none of you probably believe me right now’”.

I must say this is something that I come up against time and again, with everything from losing weight to running longer or faster.

She continued “most of them have tried and failed to get running in the past and so the evidence is stacked against them.

“But when they get to the end of the program having just run for 60 minutes non-stop, it’s really emotional.  I actually cried the first time, it’s been incredible seeing their belief grow and then start to wonder what else they might actually be able to do that previously they thought they couldn’t”.

Really powerful stuff, and it’s no exaggeration to say that running has literally changed the lives of many people who have got into the program.

Hannah’s approach has been so successful in fact that we’re setting up a training program to teach other coaches how to deliver the Beginner’s Luck experience to clients and gym members.

If you know any coaches who you think would be perfect for this make sure you ask them to get in touch as things are starting to happen very quickly!

And of course, if you want to get yourself a copy of the book or give the gift of fitness to a friend (!), Beginner’s Luck is available on Amazon right now :0)