Book Review: Iron War

Iron War

Matt Fitzgerald (Review by Sarah Kearns)

Iron WarIf I was writing a review for the back cover of the book it would be tabloid-like

‘Epic, Epic, Epic’ – 28 thumbs up (don’t ask questions as to where the other 26 thumbs have come from….)

A film needs to be made about this, all the right ingredients are there. Father issues, rebelling against the system ‘dude’, pushing yourself to the absolute limits and going back for more!!!  All that with an undercurrant of a possible curse after the removal of a volcanic rock from the island????  What more could you ask for in a movie? …….. What?  Ok, add a bag of popcorn and maltesers and it would be perfect (Get me Hollywood on the phone!!)

Not only does this book recount the monumental 1989 race for 1st place between Mark Scott and Dave Allen at the Iron Man World Championships in Hawaii, but also the prequels & thwarted sequels and a ‘where are they now?’-uels.  Yes, everyone knows the outcome of Iron War but did that knowledge interfere with my utter enjoyment of this book?  No way José! If anything it added to it.  I really loved the psychological analysis that interspersed the story too.  They direct it at sprint triathlon right up to Iron Man distances but I did relate to a lot of it on a much smaller scale to my racing.  I have renamed the hill that forms part of my training as ‘Palani Hill’ in honour of Iron War.  I’m sure the pair of boys would be flattered lol.

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