Book Review: The Looniness Of The Long Distance Runner

The Looniness Of The Long Distance Runner

Russell Taylor (Review by Sarah Kearns)

Looniness of runningThis book is a hoot.  A man who decides on a whim to run the New York Marathon based on, what I can tell, that he has never been to America. Instead of asking all his pals for donations to charity he decided to write a book & give the proceeds instead. This charts his training journey.  From a novel approach to justifying gym membership (after he stops using it just for hot showers), to lists of things he forgets, to breaking free of the treadmill, to racing a train & many more adventures in-between cumulating in the New York Marathon itself. Even if you aren’t considering running a marathon, this book will make you want to get out there and shake a leg at a few kms. 

I could include many humorous quotes but this one is one of my favourites ‘You may think you know all about sitting down – in fact you’ve probably sat down several dozen times today – but, let me tell you, you haven’t sat down until you’ve run 13 miles and ‘then’ sat down’

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