Book Review: Running To Extremes

Running To Extremes

Lisa Tamati (Review by Sarah Kearns)

Running to ExtremesBoys oh boys this girl has had adventures by the bucketful. Ultra running at it’s most…..ultra! The Gobi March, The 4 Deserts Sahara Race, La Ultra The High………seriously, you need to have a bottle of water beside you while reading about the races in the searing desert temperatures or you’ll get dehydrated by association.  But be warned with  La Ultra The High, have a cosy blanket around you and the fire on ‘ROAR’ setting even if it’s the middle of the summer where you are.

Throughout this book is training information, lists of things necessary to compete and complete ultras on some of the most unforgiving courses in the world, crew information etc. Not being an ultra runner, nor have any intention of being one, left this information quite largely unread, thus making me fly through the rest of the meat and bones of Lisa’s stories. For me she could have left a large part of this information out, put a reference to a website or indeed wrote a separate book detailing it further, and by doing so which would have left more paper to give us more tales of ultra!

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