Book Review: Running With The Kenyans

Running With The Kenyans

Adhanarand Finn (Review by Sarah Kearns)

Running With The KenyansAs a Golden Girl used to start her stories  ‘Picture it…..’ The dirt roads of Iten, meet and trains at a crossroads with Kipsang, entering a cross country where Asbel Kiprop (an Olympic & World 1500m champion) fails to finish and where, 3 times London & 2 times New York Marathon winner, Martin Lel finished 33rd, introductions and reintroductions to a veritable host of Kenyan greats, a search for the elusive answer to ‘that’ question……. Adharanand could have gone a different way of having a mini-mid-life crisis but I for one am so glad he decided to go and train in Kenya for 6 months.  A runner when he was a juvenile, and by all accounts pretty handy, life got in the way and his running lapsed.  Finding himself the time again to hit the tarmac showed him that his juvenile speed was still able to be tapped into and thus starts his journey.

So many documentaries made, papers written, lively conversations had over a few drink,s all trying to find out the reason that Kenya and in particular this location produces world class athletes. What makes this book stand out?  You can feel Finn becoming immersed, he’s not on a tight time scale, not counting down the days to his plane ticket to the next job.  He’s there for the duration and has time to wait for Brother Colm to have time to sit down with him.  You definitely look at your long runs differently and take away a ‘that was yesterday, why would you worry about yesterday, live for today’ attitude to racing.  A big must-read in my opinion.

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