The worst possible timing

1 year ago today I began the first of my 10 back to back marathons. Thought it’d be a great way to celebrate my birthday, but in hindsight it was possibly the worst time of the year to start something like that. Kids back to school, wife back to work, childcare arrangements not fully sorted… For several days there I was running a marathon in the morning, heading straight over to pick up my 2 boys, taking an ice bath, inhaling some lunch then getting a quick massage. I’d then pick up my little girl from school before going off to do some proper work for a couple of hours… Read the full article »

Not always a runner

Up until about 8 weeks before my 10 marathons started, I wasn’t doing any running at all. I paced at the London Marathon back in April and then did nothing but workout in my local gym and at the Boot Camp. I hadn’t trained for a running event since last February when I was ‘testing out’ my i10 Project 10k training program (if you want to learn how to become a faster runner by the way, it works!). But once I’d decided to do the 10in10, I flicked the switch and became a runner again.   I knew what I had to do, but I needed a short term challenge to… Read the full article »

Why running 10 marathons isn’t the real achievement

Earlier today I finished the 10th and final episode of my slightly unusual running streak. 10 marathons in 10 days was a target I had set for myself, almost arbitrarily, as it sounded tough yet I knew that it was physically possible. When I was planning the challenge just a few months ago I decided in a rather gung ho fashion that I wanted to do something that had a high probability of causing pain – both physical and mental. Talking about that kind of thing in the warm cosy environment of a coffee shop is always easier than actually riding the waves of tormenting agony out there on the… Read the full article »

Marathon 7

Start time for this morning was 8am which resulted in a slightly rushed morning routine.  The kids have been better lately and I’ve only been woken up a handful of times a night.  I know that sleep is important but I just think about Gerry Duffy who did an ironman a day for 10 days with just a few hours of sleep each night.  I wouldn’t want to do this forever, but I can keep it up for another few days. I had a couple of guys with me for the start loop – Tom Davis, a GP and Ed Brown one of the communications experts working with the CCG… Read the full article »

Marathon 6

Today was like taking off a pair of lead boots today to run the marathon.  After yesterday’s suited shenanigans it was back to serious running attire for my 6th marathon. I’ve been wearing Ronhill gear for the last year or so since we partnered up and it makes such a big difference to how you feel when you’re running.  Good kit isn’t just about running faster, it’s about feeling better as you go. I’ve mentioned before that on Thursday after my 10th marathon I’ll be high tailing it over to Aylesbury to present at the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) AGM on exercise.  As a part of their promotion for this event… Read the full article »