Patience & Perseverance | The keys to running success

One of the members of the Beginner’s Luck Facebook group posted something yesterday that really jumped out at me. She had just completed her first 5k non-stop run and mentioned in her comments the importance of perseverance. She’s been plugging away at the program for a while now, taking time to progress gradually and confidently through the different stages and it’s paid off. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting results instantly. In the early stages of the program fast progress is often made but when this rate slows down it can be frustrating. But when you consider the difference in the amount of running you’re doing now… Read the full article »

Beginner’s Luck in paperback

I seem to be buying an awful lot of women’s fitness magazines at the moment. I popped into my local newsagents last week to pick up my first ever copy of BodyFit magazine and the woman who served me wrinkled her nose and said “that’s daylight robbery that is”. Great sales technique I thought, but I was committed as I’d written an article for them and wanted to see how it looked. After ripping through the layers of wrapping I was pleased to see my little contribution, along with a mention for my book, Beginner’s Luck Guide for Non-Runners.   Since I published it last year thousands of people have… Read the full article »

A slow pace

I gave a presentation to a group of Oxfordshire-based Run England Run Leaders a few months ago about the best ways to help beginners build up their confidence. I spoke about the importance of the Golden Key (a big part of my Beginner’s Luck book) which is to slow right down, making it easier to keep going. As well as the Run Leaders there were a few complete beginners in the room: ‘willing volunteers’ for the practical coaching part of the session. I’d asked them about how they found running and they all told me that a minute or 2 was their limit, then it just became hard to breathe… Read the full article »

Who are these ‘non-runners’?

Did you know that it’s the official Run To Work Day today? Bit late if you’re already at your desk, but you could always give it a go tomorrow if you feel you’ve missed out Sometimes a cheesy idea like this is all it takes to renew your perspective on running. It’s easy to get caught up in races, and performance, progress and ‘sessions’, and lose sight of the other things that running can give us. Today’s R2W Day reminds us that at it’s most basic level running is an alternative mode of transport. But it’s also a philosophy, an escape, a moment of Me Time and a sanity restoration… Read the full article »

Beginner running for 2014

It’s a bit clichéd these days to even think about setting New Year’s resolutions. We all know they don’t ever come to anything beyond the 2nd week in January, and we just beat ourselves up about not being able to stick to them. Regardless of what they think, New Year resolutions can work if you go about setting them the right way. Tomorrow I’m going to share some of my personal strategies for creating meaningful resolutions that you can hopefully apply to your own situation and make something of them this year. In the meantime I was wondering if you could help me with something? I’ve set myself the goal… Read the full article »