Book Review: Running To Extremes

Running To Extremes Lisa Tamati (Review by Sarah Kearns) Boys oh boys this girl has had adventures by the bucketful. Ultra running at it’s most…..ultra! The Gobi March, The 4 Deserts Sahara Race, La Ultra The High………seriously, you need to have a bottle of water beside you while reading about the races in the searing desert temperatures or you’ll get dehydrated by association.  But be warned with  La Ultra The High, have a cosy blanket around you and the fire on ‘ROAR’ setting even if it’s the middle of the summer where you are. Throughout this book is training information, lists of things necessary to compete and complete ultras on… Read the full article »

Book Review: The Looniness Of The Long Distance Runner

The Looniness Of The Long Distance Runner Russell Taylor (Review by Sarah Kearns) This book is a hoot.  A man who decides on a whim to run the New York Marathon based on, what I can tell, that he has never been to America. Instead of asking all his pals for donations to charity he decided to write a book & give the proceeds instead. This charts his training journey.  From a novel approach to justifying gym membership (after he stops using it just for hot showers), to lists of things he forgets, to breaking free of the treadmill, to racing a train & many more adventures in-between cumulating in… Read the full article »

Book Review: Iron War

Iron War Matt Fitzgerald (Review by Sarah Kearns) If I was writing a review for the back cover of the book it would be tabloid-like ‘Epic, Epic, Epic’ – 28 thumbs up (don’t ask questions as to where the other 26 thumbs have come from….) A film needs to be made about this, all the right ingredients are there. Father issues, rebelling against the system ‘dude’, pushing yourself to the absolute limits and going back for more!!!  All that with an undercurrant of a possible curse after the removal of a volcanic rock from the island????  What more could you ask for in a movie? …….. What?  Ok, add a… Read the full article »

Book Review: Running With The Kenyans

Running With The Kenyans Adhanarand Finn (Review by Sarah Kearns) As a Golden Girl used to start her stories  ‘Picture it…..’ The dirt roads of Iten, meet and trains at a crossroads with Kipsang, entering a cross country where Asbel Kiprop (an Olympic & World 1500m champion) fails to finish and where, 3 times London & 2 times New York Marathon winner, Martin Lel finished 33rd, introductions and reintroductions to a veritable host of Kenyan greats, a search for the elusive answer to ‘that’ question……. Adharanand could have gone a different way of having a mini-mid-life crisis but I for one am so glad he decided to go and train… Read the full article »