5 ways to accelerate post-run recovery

We’ve all had those runs that have left us walking like John Wayne for a few days afterwards right? You know the ones, where you have to walk down the stairs backwards. Or you get stuck on the toilet and have to cry for help to get back off again (embarrassing). It can be seen as a badge of honour (it is kinda funny!) but my goal on Monday wasn’t just to run 35 miles, it was to run 35 miles and then feel ‘ok’ afterwards. I’ve done plenty of runs over the years that have lead to some interesting looks from people as I try to get out of the car… Read the full article »

Lace your shoes to prevent blisters

About a dozen people have shared the ‘blister-free lacing video’ with me on Facebook asking if I’ve seen it. YES!  I’ve seen it! I’ve got to confess that the first time I saw it I thought ‘that’s a great video, I’ll make my own version and get some eyeballs on it’. But it really is good, and now that over 10 million people have watched it there seems little point. I can’t speak about the effectiveness of this peculiar lacing system in preventing blisters, but I’m going to give it a go anyway. By ‘locking’ the shoe in place by creating extra loops with the mysterious 2nd hole, you apparently prevent… Read the full article »

Technique: 30 Day Challenge

We all like to get the most out from the effort that we put in. When it comes to your running, that means 2 things: 1) Train in a way that reflects your goals 2) Improve your running technique The type of training that you do is always going to matter. If you’re following one of my iRunning programs to help you prepare for your next race then this side of things is already taken care of for you. But how you run can have an incredible impact on the effectiveness of the work you put in. Moving forces through your body in a way that minimises unnecessary stress and move you forwards more efficiently. The… Read the full article »

5 Things You Can Do Today To Become A Stronger Runner

You know when you’re out running and you begin to get tired towards the end – what happens to your posture?   I’ll bet the old slouchio starts to creep in over those last few miles.  Head drops, shoulders round and your movement across the ground becomes more ‘pound’ than ‘glide’. It does for most runners anyway. Whilst the legs and glutes (that’s your arse, by the way power you forwards, there are other muscles that play a key role in keeping you upright and efficient, particularly as you drink the final dregs of your run. As you begin to lose your form, it takes more effort to sustain the… Read the full article »

When treadmills fight back

I’m putting together a video on running technique because it’s one of the questions I get asked most frequently about. I’ve shot loads of videos in the last few years: interviews, ‘talking head piece to camera’, exercise demos… but I’ve never picked up an injury for my troubles. So I was a little shocked yesterday to come away with a skinned elbow and knee and bruised fingers. I’ll tell you what happened… no, I’ll show you what happened as the camera was set up to record at the time and captured just about everything. I’ve not had much sympathy for my injuries which I think is a little unfair. Even… Read the full article »