The Power Of The Food Diary

Keeping a food diary can be an eye-opening experiment, but with one little tweak it can lift the lid on a whole other dimension of insight. Logging every morsel that passes your lips for a period of time sounds like a bit of a pain in the bum but it’s well worth the effort if you know what you’re looking for. I’ve recorded several food diary reviews for members of my iNats online coaching program and the last one I did for Sally was a classic example of how this little extra element can spark connections   How to keep a food diary If you’ve never kept a food diary before I can highly… Read the full article »

How to get off a plateau

“I keep hitting a plateau and losing motivation” That was one of the answers to my recent ‘what is your biggest challenge to staying in shape’ survey. In fact it was quite a common problem, so I thought I’d tackle it in a blog. A plateau is where you make progress at first, but then your results tail off despite continuing to put in the effort. It’s really common with runners, and it’s really common with weight loss and usually for a very similar set of reasons. If you have your heart set on a specific goal then an absence of progress can be incredibly frustrating. Here are 5 reasons… Read the full article »

Make your own Lean Greens?

I often talk about the benefits of taking a greens drink first thing in the morning: reduce cravings, improve digestion (less bloating!), deliver a boost of energy and alkalise the system. A common question people ask if it’s necessary to take a supplement to do all that – they want to know if they can ‘make their own’ superfood smoothie. And the answer is that YES, you CAN make your own! Most of the key ingredients in Lean Greens (my personal choice) and other greens drinks are easily available in health food stores. Like spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, chloerella, digestive enzymes, & Siberian Ginseng. And of course we can… Read the full article »

This is the food I ate to get me through 100 miles

I want to share with you what I used to ‘fuel’ me round my 100 miles at the weekend. I appreciate that most people aren’t going to rush out and try to replicate this meal plan on their next 100 miler, but actually I think that the real value in what I’m about to write is in the concept of flexibility. *** CAUTION: THIS IS A LONG ONE! *** The whole event had so many unknown quantities that there was no way I could predict how I was going to feel, or what I would want to eat. I had to prepare for as much as possible, have a vague outline… Read the full article »

(Running) 20,000 calories a day

What is normal to us and what is inconceivable, are not set in stone. Just this past week on the Facebook group for beginner runners I have read about half a dozen stories of seismic landscape shifts. People who NEVER would have believed that they would be able to run more than a few minutes now doing 10k, half marathons or triathlons. It’s the classic scenario of ‘if you’d told me a year ago that I’d be doing XYZ I’d have said you were mad…’. And nobody is exempt. I seriously never thought that I’d ever be contemplating a 24 hour running event. I first heard about Endure24 when my friend… Read the full article »