Run Every Day?

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m a real runner. I’ve done a few races over the last 30 years but I’ve always cycled between lots of running, then very little running. A few years ago I even contemplated quitting as a coach because I didn’t feel like enough of a runner. I decided to continue when I realised that being a runner is more a state of mind than a test you have to pass. There’s no minimum standard or speed or frequency.  You don’t have to train for races or even try to get better. 2 people can do exactly the same amount of running and one will consider herself to… Read the full article »

Bridging the gap between intention and action

Have you ever said to yourself that you’re going to do something, only to give it a half hearted go and then give up before you really got started? There’s often a gap between good intention and consistent action, and without bridging that gap chances of success and an enjoyable process are vastly reduced. Recently when I set myself that goal of running under 50s for the 400m, on paper I had everything I needed to have a decent crack at it. I had a powerful reason ‘why’, I knew what I was doing, and I even had all the elements of the traditional SMART goals. But it still didn’t… Read the full article »

I took my eye off the ball and tore my quad

1 year ago today I badly tore my left quad muscle. It was the day of my 10th consecutive marathon, and I had been nursing a progressive niggle there for a few days. For the past week and a half my post-run routine had included ice baths, message, foam rolling and as much rest as I could afford but an interesting thing happened after my 9th marathon the day before. I had been averaging around 4:15 for each of my runs, but on the morning of the 9th I woke up feeling really good. I just had this feeling that it was going to be a good run and decided not… Read the full article »

How to predict your race time

When I was at personal trainer school one of the things we learned was to find somebody’s ‘one rep max’ (1RM) which is the maximum amount of weight they can lift one time. It’s supposed to be a measure of absolute strength but in practice it’s utterly pointless. Lifting as much weight as you can on a bench press or squat can be downright dangerous, and most of us will give out mentally way before we fail physically. A much better way is to use a 10RM to predict your 1RM. You find a weight you can lift only 10 times, and you can then predict what you’d be able… Read the full article »

Frequently Asked Training Questions Part 1

I’ve been fielding loads of training questions in the Nottingham Marathon & Half Marathon coaching group I’ve set up as part of my role as Training Partner. There have been some really good ones, but the frequency with which they’re popping up suggests that they’re common areas of confusion so I thought it’d be a good idea to cover some of the basics here as well. Here are 4 of the most frequently asked training questions. Q1) How long should my longest run be? This is the ultimate question for these distances and everybody’s going to have their own answers. Here’s mine. You don’t need to go to full distance… Read the full article »