Ben Hooper Atlantic Swimmer

I caught wind of Ben Hooper’s incredible challenge a month or so ago. As part of his preparation to swim the Atlantic Ocean, he was taking part in a study to find out how much of an effect music had on your perception of exertion. Mindset is an area I’m incredibly interested in, and so I asked him if he’d record a little interview with me. Of course, I wanted to find out more about the logistics of this 4 month monster swim, and how on earth he was planning on getting down 10,000 Calories whilst swimming 12 hours a DAY, so I was thrilled when he agreed.

Running Training in Between Programs

Many of us runners are at an in-between stage with our training right now. Although there are still a few races left in the calendar, huge cohorts of the community are biding their time until the next phase of running training for 2016 targets. Perhaps there’s a little apathy towards running right now.   A dip in motivation. The idea of stepping out the door onto the dark, cold and wet roads might not appeal as much as it did when you had a Big Goal bearing down on you. Plus your body needs a break, right? But imagine going into your next phase of training feeling super strong, fit… Read the full article »

Tough Mudder with Team Sony & Men’s Fitness

On August 1 I took part in the Yorkshire Tough Mudder event as one of the coaches assigned to get ‘Team Sony’ into shape ahead of the event. The results were published in the October edition of Men’s Fitness magazine as well as a couple of videos on the Sony channel. Here’s the article from Men’s Fitness:  A couple of videos to give you an idea of what the challenge is like… Join Team Believe on May 1 2016 Fancy a challenge for next year? Tough Mudder is a fantastic event for the way it combines very physical challenges in a very do-able way. The emphasis is on team work,… Read the full article »

Baby Food Energy Gels

A question I often get asked is what is the best food to eat before, during and after a workout. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, experimentation is the key. Some people CAN train on empty, some feel they HAVE to train on empty, and some have to have something in the tank before they can start getting all hot and sweaty. After a workout – depending on intensity and duration – it’s widely accepted that getting a decent hit of nutrients into your system along with some healthy fats, proteins and carbs, is a good thing. (Interestingly though there’s been a big sway recently away from massive… Read the full article »

30 mile run: close to quitting

I got up at 4:30am yesterday morning to fit in my first ‘proper’ training run for my ultra marathon adventure. As I hauled myself out of my bed I really didn’t want to go. Having stupidly hammered out a load of squats in the gym on Thursday after a 2 week break my legs were still wobbling around underneath me.  Not good. The prospect of running 30 miles didn’t sound too appealing. I was reminded just how important it is to have complete clarity on the reason for taking on any physical challenge. If you’re in any doubt just ask yourself what’s more important: Doing the thing, or being able… Read the full article »