The Power Of The Food Diary

Keeping a food diary can be an eye-opening experiment, but with one little tweak it can lift the lid on a whole other dimension of insight. Logging every morsel that passes your lips for a period of time sounds like a bit of a pain in the bum but it’s well worth the effort if you know what you’re looking for. I’ve recorded several food diary reviews for members of my iNats online coaching program and the last one I did for Sally was a classic example of how this little extra element can spark connections   How to keep a food diary If you’ve never kept a food diary before I can highly… Read the full article »

It’s Not About The Scales

I launched the brand new online program It’s Not About The Scales (iNats) today and filmed a ‘behind the scenes’ overview of the program. The doors are currently closed unless you’re already on the ‘Early Bird’ list, but will reopen on November 25. If you think this might be something for you, head over to and add yourself to the list!

Never Stop Trying

In 2007 my little girl had recently been born, we were living in Reading and work-wise I was doing pretty much the same as I’m doing now. Apart from kids and the move from Reading to Thame, my life now looks very similar to how it did back in 2007. Bit of a different story for Steve Way In 2007 he was a 20-fags-a-day couch potato tipping the scales at 16.5 stones. Then yesterday he ran 2:15 in the Commonwealth Games marathon to finish in 10th place.   Now this is a pretty unusual story, and not everybody who has a sudden life-changing moment of clarity like Steve had is… Read the full article »

Weight loss: ‘Losing a Little’

I hate it when companies give really pathetic little discounts to try and ‘incentivise’ me to buy their products. “Save 5%!” << Seriously, that ISN’T going to persuade me to look twice. But yesterday’s reports on the government’s new guidelines of cutting just 3% body weight actually gets me a little bit excited. Maybe not the reaction you were expecting from me if you’ve read the report, but I really can see a real glimmer of hope. The report recommends obese people should aim to lose just 3% because it’s an achievable goal. Here’s the BBC report on the recommendations “It’s not a question of for goodness sake pull yourself together… Read the full article »

Do you need supplements?

I was at a John Berardi lecture a couple of years ago (Google him – he’s worth following) and he talked about an interesting study. A group of people had been given a miracle life-saving cancer drug. When questioned about whether they had been taking them regularly, 45% sheepishly admitted to missing doses. So even if we were to be given a magic pill we still probably wouldn’t take it! But the idea of simply popping a pill or drinking a potion to solve a complicated problem is highly appealing because human beings are lazy buggers. We’re programmed to find the path of least resistance so anything that means we… Read the full article »