Daily Exercise

Journal of PhysiologyI came across an interesting study today.

It was an old edition of the Journal of Physiology from December last year and it caught my eye because of the combination of the words ‘daily exercise’ and ‘short term overeating’.

The study showed how a daily dose of exercise could reduce the harmful effects of short stints of overeating and inactivity.

Which basically describes Christmas for most of us ;)

Whilst the study was carried out with 26 year old guys, and they ‘exercised on a treadmill for 45 minutes’, the authors suggest that the effects would extend to different groups of people and with a much shorter duration of exercise.

When I was writing the 12 Days of Fitness I was coming at it from an entirely different angle.

Mainly the positive effect that even a small dose of exercise-induced endorphins can have on your tendency to go crazy with the port & stilton. 

Or that you just feel a little better about yourself when you’ve got your heart rate up for a few minutes and it’s like a reminder that you haven’t completely thrown in the towel.

But it’s warming to read about positive physiological effects such as blood sugar control and metabolic rate.

(Certainly makes things easier going into the New Year anyway!)

12 Days Of Fitness

12 Days Of FitnessMany people have already started their 12 Days Of Fitness but you can get going any time as you’ll have access to it immediately.

Jump on this tonight and you’ll be doing the first workout in the series tomorrow.

See you over there,

George ‘Doing It Daily’ Anderson

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You’ll be getting downloadable cook books, a live goal setting webinar, and a simple guide to the foods and supplements you can take to neutralise some of the inflammation, acidity, toxicity & dehydration of a typical Christmas-period diet.

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