Do you need supplements?

I was at a John Berardi lecture a couple of years ago (Google him – he’s worth following) and he talked about an interesting study.

A group of people had been given a miracle life-saving cancer drug.

When questioned about whether they had been taking them regularly, 45% sheepishly admitted to missing doses.

So even if we were to be given a magic pill we still probably wouldn’t take it!

But the idea of simply popping a pill or drinking a potion to solve a complicated problem is highly appealing because human beings are lazy buggers.

We’re programmed to find the path of least resistance so anything that means we get from A to B faster and with less stress is going to pique your interest.

And don’t the supplement manufacturers know it!

“Take this shake / juice / pill / powder 3 times a day and you’ll lose weight / get fitter / look sexier faster / with more energy / without ever lifting a finger…”

It’s a cynical view on things, but marketers know our weak spots and they’re willing to twist the knife.

Thing is, supplements are fantastic tools in our quest for better health, upgraded performance and boosted vibrancy.

But the clue is in the name: SUPPLEMENTS.

A supplement is something in addition to something else.

In this case, a healthy balanced diet.

Taking supplements without addressing your basic nutritional habits is a bit like a complete novice golfer blowing their budget on the finest set of clubs.

The better clubs might help a little bit, but the money would be better spent on getting some tuition and perfecting technique.

Pull the big levers first.

In our case those levers come in the form of improving our basic diet.

Once you’re on top of things in that department then supplements can really help.

On the Kick Start I recommend just 4 supplements (starts next Thursday don’t forget).

Lean Greens

Lean Greens: best way to start the day?

Omega 3, magnesium, vitamin D and a greens drink.

There are about half a dozen other excellent supps that many people could benefit from taking, but these are my top 4 and as good a starting point as any.

But get the nutrition right first.

As good as Lean Greens is at alkalising your body, if you’re still eating burgers and chips for tea every night you’re unlikely to notice any benefit.

None of the supplements I recommend on the Kick Start are compulsory.

It’s up to you whether you follow any of the advice I give on the program; they’re all just strategies and some will resonate with you whilst others will bounce right off.

It starts next Thursday with a live webinar as I explain exactly what to do to get yourself set up for success.

A big departure from previous programs where we’ve started on a Monday all guns blazing.

On Kick Start 2.0 I support you as you get prepared so you know exactly what you need to do.

Whether you join the group or not next Thursday, at least consider supplements for what they are.

You’re in control.