Do you follow the rules?

How strongly do you agree with the statement ‘rules are there for breaking’?

Aside from the letter of the law, it’s quite nice to imagine that we’re not constrained by the rules that ‘other people’ feel compelled to abide by.

Doing things our own way gives us a sense of freedom and excitement, but often there is a strong case for rules when we could legitimately ‘do as we choose’.

In fact you probably already have a number of rules that you follow.

Perhaps you never leave the house before brushing your hair, or you always stand up when somebody enters the room.

Neither of these things are compulsory and many people don’t do either of them, but perhaps you choose to because they are a part of what make up your personal standards.

And when it comes to your health & fitness, we have certain standards there as well.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re higher or lower than anybody else’s standards – this isn’t about comparison – what matters is that they’re YOURS.

And when you don’t live up to your standards it can cause internal friction.

You know that feeling when you know that you should be doing something but you’re not doing it?

Not because somebody else has told you that it’s important, but because YOU have told you that it’s important.

Every now and then it’s no biggie, but over time it can begin to erode your sense of self-respect and happiness.

Your rules, your standards, your habits & discipline are all rolled up in who you are and who you want to be.

Sometimes it’s easy to allow your standards to slip.  

It’s well known that you become the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

Hang out with a bunch of junk food eating lazies and eventually you feel less bothered by not training and eating crap.

Your standards drop and eventually your habits adapt to match them.

But spend your time with people who demonstrate high levels of personal effectiveness and discipline, and the opposite happens.

You get to choose what your standards are. 

What you think is important. 

What level is acceptable for you.

Some rules really are there for breaking.

But the ones you set for yourself should be closely guarded because they’re the ones that will help you live a life of freedom and happiness.