Marathon 6

Today was like taking off a pair of lead boots today to run the marathon.  After yesterday’s suited shenanigans it was back to serious running attire for my 6th marathon.

I’ve been wearing Ronhill gear for the last year or so since we partnered up and it makes such a big difference to how you feel when you’re running.  Good kit isn’t just about running faster, it’s about feeling better as you go.

I’ve mentioned before that on Thursday after my 10th marathon I’ll be high tailing it over to Aylesbury to present at the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) AGM on exercise.  As a part of their promotion for this event they had some top brass from various organisations running with me at the start.

Lou Pattern the Chief Officer for the CCG, Zahir Mohammed the Chairman for Bucks County Council and Gilbert Houalla the Chief Superintendent from Thames Valley Police all turned out to support the event along with a number of other runners.

One guy, Charlie Pughe, had bumped into us on our penultimate lap yesterday and run a bit with us then decided to have a crack at the full marathon today.  Previously his furthest distance was a half marathon, so another impressive spur of the moment long run!

It was also good to have Alex Bellini along for the first few miles.  He had been one of the inspirations for this challenge so all in all I felt I was in great company.

The run itself was uneventful, though I’m getting a bit sick of bananas and gels now.  I’m thinking of creating an infographic after this is all over with the number of bananas consumed, bottles of water, road crossings etc. – kind of like a 10in10 by numbers.  I’m already up to 30 bananas and they’re just the ones I’ve had whilst out running, it’s probably closer to 40 if I were to count the post-run bananas as well.

I’m just having to think of them as fuel rather than enjoyment; hopefully it won’t change my long term relationship with bananas as I love those yellow skinned bad boys…

The hip has been giving me a good bit of grief.  I’ve been trying to stretch it out as I run by doing various drills but the left quad is so tight now it’s almost unbearable to increase the range by too much.  On the plus side though, the Achilles is almost completely better.  Absolutely miraculous considering how I have been unable to place any weight on the left foot over night.

I’m enjoying the ice baths more than I thought I would.  Rather than time it, I play my ‘ice bath’ playlist of The Isley Brothers ‘Summertime’ followed by Barry Manilow’s ‘Copocabana’, which together last about 10 minutes.  They somehow make me feel warm as I plunge my legs into the icy depths of my bath tub.

Nutrition has been pretty good in terms of getting in the good stuff, but I’ve also been indulging in all sorts of goodies.  A real craving for chicken sandwiches, pork pies, chocolate brownies, chocolate milk and all sorts of other things I wouldn’t normally have in my diet.

I’m starting to find it harder to regulate my body temperature.  I’ll be sitting in hot sunshine then suddenly get very cold and shivery.  I’m asking a great deal of my body so it’s no surprise that it’s asking me what the hell is going on from time to time.

This evening is also the first time that I’ve found my legs feel like I’ve just run a marathon.  Sounds silly, but for the past few days I’ve felt ok in the evening but today I’ve been walking down the stairs sideways.  Perhaps that slightly faster final loop today has taken its toll.