Who are these ‘non-runners’?

Did you know that it’s the official Run To Work Day today?

Bit late if you’re already at your desk, but you could always give it a go tomorrow if you feel you’ve missed out :)

Sometimes a cheesy idea like this is all it takes to renew your perspective on running. It’s easy to get caught up in races, and performance, progress and ‘sessions’, and lose sight of the other things that running can give us.

Today’s R2W Day reminds us that at it’s most basic level running is an alternative mode of transport. But it’s also a philosophy, an escape, a moment of Me Time and a sanity restoration strategy.

But can you believe that some people have still to discover the joy, beauty and glorious simplicity of running?

I know, unbelievable right?

These ‘non-runners’, as they call themselves, don’t even realise what they’re missing out on.

But you don’t just have to sit there and feel sorry for them, you can help them see the error of their ways.

I’m relaunching the Beginner’s Luck Guide for Non-Runners with a 10 week online coaching program for complete beginners and relapsed runners.

I’ll be holding webinars, providing support and generally encouraging people to get out there and follow the Beginner’s Luck program to discover how much fun they’ve been missing out on.

It doesn’t cost anything, but I need your help to spread the word and get as many of your non-running friends involved as possible.

We’ll be kicking off on June 16 but over 300 people have joined already. I’ll be giving away copies of the Kindle book next week and then then fun begins in earnest the following Monday.

So your job is to give them a nudge of encouragement, point them in the direction of the Beginner’s Luck website and then sit back for the rest of the day wallowing in the satisfaction that you probably just changed somebody’s life.

Give your friends some Beginner’s Luck

^^^ All the info for my free 10 week coaching program is here.

The best way to spot non-runners who are secretly jealous of your special powers is to listen to the language that they use.

The ones who are most adamant that they ‘could never do that’, or think that you’re a lunatic for wanting to run are usually the ones who are just waiting for that little push.

It’s like the little boy in the playground who is a bit embarrassed about having feelings for the little girl, so he just goes around being mean to her.

Weird analogy I know, but it’s all I can think of to describe it.

Anyway, it’s time to set your friends up on a first date, and here’s where it’s going to happen…