On the wagon

wagonI use the phrase ‘get back on the wagon’ from time to time with reference to nutrition and exercise.

Really I just don’t take it much further than just the analogy of either being focused or distracted, but one of our previous Kick Start members has added some more detail to the picture.

The November Kick Start finished at the weekend (details of the January online program here) and Vicki Hasaballa posted in the group:

“I am trying to think of it this way using the wagon analogy. I don’t want to fall off the wagon cos the wagon is taking me to a place I want to be and because I am happy and feel good on the wagon.

However I need to be able to get off and stretch my legs occasionally otherwise being on the wagon will be unsustainable.

So that’s how I try to view occasional cheat meals or treats. Just need to climb back on the wagon afterwards to continue this great journey.”

What a fantastic way of looking at things!

Lots of interesting things happen during a month of being coached with nutrition, exercise and mindset.

You discover a lot about yourself, why you do things and how what you do affects other seemingly unconnected areas of your life.

Getting in shape AND feeling good has to be better than just losing weight.

Feeling more in control, less frustrated, and ‘on top of things’ is a liberating position to be in.

Most of it comes down to just noticing what you notice, and you can start to do this right now.

I’m sure you’ll be leaning more towards 80/20 over Christmas rather than 100% ‘on it’, but still take the time to make the connection between what you eat, how you exercise (or not!) and how you FEEL.

If you like feeling good then this simple strategy will be of interest to you.