Overwhelm & Confusion

Do you ever feel like you should be doing more?

Like you’re trying your best but everybody else seems to be doing it better & finding it easier?

Well that’s me on a regular basis.

One day I’m going to write a blog about what it’s really like to work in the fitness industry. 

I think it’d surprise a few people.

But today I’m going to talk about the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused by the amount of nutrition & exercise advice we’re constantly bombarded with.

It can be feel all consuming and highly emotional anyway, so when every decision you make is challenged… well that can be tough.

Facebook has a lot to answer for.

People showing you the 10% of their lives that they have dialled in and rarely mention the other 90% where they’re screwed up as you and me.

Cue feelings of inadequacy & failure.

It’s easy to get stressed and feel unhappy when you’re chasing a goal, choosing a path and then get continually distracted by all these other things that you could be doing.

There’s always going to be somebody telling you that you should be doing things differently. 

Or that by NOT doing this or that you’re destined for failure.

And when you’re in the process of making changes to your life it’s bloody hard to ignore this good-intentioned ‘help’. 

You look at these helpful people and say to yourself ‘yes, they’ve got it sussed – they must be right!’

It’s a gift

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you should never listen to advice but think of it as a gift. 

You get to choose whether you open it up and use it or just accept it and then leave it sitting in the back of a cupboard.

Confusion & Overwhelm

How to do fitness… how to do healthy eating…

It’s confusing trying to take control by with piecemeal advice.

And it’s overwhelming when you try to wrap your head around how much more you could be doing.

It’s a huge challenge I’ve faced personally for many years.

Not with diet and training necessarily (well ok maybe a little bit with these ;) but with my business and operating in such a disjointed and ambiguous industry.

I watch what other people are doing and think ‘shit I should be doing that. I’m missing out.  I have to go on this course.  I need to learn how to do Facebook ads / Twitter / LinkedIn / emails / presentations / write a book / become a mind bending Jedi Knight…’


Trying to stay focused sometimes makes me feel like Odysseus trying to resist the lure of the Sirens.

Except I have no mast to tie myself to.

But I do have TWO things that regularly save me from spiralling into a pathetic depression of inadequate underachievement.

The first is to acknowledge that I COULD be doing all these things, but that I don’t HAVE to.

You can’t propel yourself forwards by patting yourself on the back, and being surrounded by experts in different niches and specialist areas keeps my eyes open to possibilities.

But they’re things I COULD do, not things that I HAVE to do (and this is a crucial distinction).

Stress & tension is caused when you tell yourself that you SHOULD be doing something but simply replacing this with COULD is like releasing a weight from your shoulders.

All of a sudden you have a choice (accept the gift or hide it in your cupboard) and that feels very liberating.

The 2nd thing that saves me is to look at what I DO have going on.

To be grateful for the business that I do run and the results that I do achieve.

I’ve got my own thing going on and I’m making progress.

My progress, with my UNIQUE business & life.

Think about these two things and how they apply to your own goals, whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You don’t HAVE to do everything, and when you weigh it up you’re already doing many of the right things things.

Happiness is not a goal, it’s a state and you can choose it today.