The pressure to ‘know your purpose’

Setting goals isn’t an easy thing to do.

At least not the big, meaningful ones.

We’re ok at setting the weight loss or performance goals, but sometimes it can feel like we’re under a lot of pressure to be crystal clear on our greater aspirations.

To articulate precisely what it is that we want to achieve.

But it isn’t an easy thing to do.

Lurching from one short term goal to the next doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Lose 10lb.

Run a marathon.

Learn to swim.

All great big goals, and all of them just a part of something bigger that’s a hell of a lot harder to define.

This is one of the topics that we’re going to be talking about in my 1 day event in Oxford next month – the motivAction Seminar.

I can’t promise that you’ll discover your purpose in life, but by the end of our time together you’ll be a LOT closer to figuring out what’s driving you.

And once you know that, it’s easier to identify the reasons you have hit road blocks in the past with your motivation and will power.

A few weeks ago I started working with a group of 11 individuals in my Mastermind program.  In a very short space of time there have been some spectacular breakthroughs.

Things just clicking into place as thinking elevates to the next level.

Clarity of thought where previously there was a fog.

The program I have lined up for November 14 in Oxford has the power to literally change your life.

I know that’s a big statement to make, but having seen this in action I feel confident making it.

You, me and a small number of others committed to challenging the way we think, feel & behave, and improving the results that we get.

Until October 14 there is a £10 early bird discount on tickets, so make the decision today to join me and the others in Oxford this November.

It’ll be worth your while, I promise.