(Running) 20,000 calories a day

What is normal to us and what is inconceivable, are not set in stone.

Just this past week on the Facebook group for beginner runners I have read about half a dozen stories of seismic landscape shifts.

People who NEVER would have believed that they would be able to run more than a few minutes now doing 10k, half marathons or triathlons.

It’s the classic scenario of ‘if you’d told me a year ago that I’d be doing XYZ I’d have said you were mad…’.

And nobody is exempt.

I seriously never thought that I’d ever be contemplating a 24 hour running event.

I first heard about Endure24 when my friend and race director Chris Sumner was setting it up and he tried to persuade me to do it and I thought ‘no way’.  

It just wasn’t on my radar, not then, and not even in a ‘maybe one day’ sense. 

Didn’t appeal in the slightest – all that training, running through the night… I like my bed too much thank you!

So now that I’m 12 days away from the start line, believe me when I say that I totally get it when people tell me ‘ain’t gonna happen’ at the suggestion that they could do something that stretches them.

None of us know what we might get ourselves into in the future.  

But it always starts with saying ‘yes’ to an opportunity and then figuring out how to make it happen.

One of the biggest unknowns for me right now is nutrition.

I’ve estimated that I’ll be burning through 20,000 calories during the 24 hour event.

I went through 6,500 during my 41 mile run last Monday and that was 6 1/2 hours, so I reckon 20,000 is about on the money.

There’s no way I’ll be replacing all of that during the race so I’ll be aiming to consume 8-10,000 calories.  

And I’m pretty sure that it won’t all be ‘clean’ nutrition ;)

I’ll be deploying all of my usual strategies like doubling or tripling up on my daily dose of Lean Greens (amazing stuff by the way!), chia seed energy gels and easy squeezy organic baby food, but that’s not going to be enough to see me through to the end.

I just heard that there’s a burger & hot dog van near the transition area so that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted. 

And I’m sure that I’ll be partaking in the occasional choccy bar.

Whatever gets me through the night.