Running Training in Between Programs

Many of us runners are at an in-between stage with our training right now.

Although there are still a few races left in the calendar, huge cohorts of the community are biding their time until the next phase of running training for 2016 targets.

Perhaps there’s a little apathy towards running right now.  

A dip in motivation.

The idea of stepping out the door onto the dark, cold and wet roads might not appeal as much as it did when you had a Big Goal bearing down on you.

Plus your body needs a break, right?

But imagine going into your next phase of training feeling super strong, fit & confident, and ready to dominate those pesky personal bests.

Rested, but ready.

Whether you’re proudly polishing your medals or nursing your wounds, there’s bound to be something you can work on in this ‘down time’ that’s going to make 2016 a super fast year of running for you.

I just put a short video together with 5 of my favourite ‘in between programs’ options.

If you find it helpful let me know how you’re planning on filling your time over the next few weeks.

How long have you got?

Work back from your race date to figure out when you need to start ‘proper’ training.

I’m pleased to be the training partner with the Reading Half Marathon again for 2016, and their April 3 event date means a 12 week countdown begins on January 10.

That’s a monstrous 10 weeks of in betweener training!

If you’re looking for a training program to support you in your next mission, check out the iRunning programs for 10k, half & full marathons

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