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It’s about confidence

For so many years you’ve told yourself that you’re not a runner, that you can’t run, you’ll never be able to run… and then all of a sudden you find yourself getting close to running for 60 minutes non-stop.

You’re more of a runner than you ever thought you’d be yet somehow still can’t quite shake off that feeling that you’re still a beginner.

Not a ‘real runner’, whatever that means.

The Running Apprentice is an 8 week program designed to take you from beginner runner to just plain runner.

You’ve done the hardest 2 things already: get into the habit of running regularly, and gaining the confidence that you can go out for a run any time you like.

Learning about scary sounding stuff like threshold running and hill intervals is simple a case of playing around with your speed and terrain.

Each week on The Running Apprentice you’ll learn a new style of training.

By the end of your apprenticeship you’ll be prepared to take on just about any training program out there – certainly any of my Intelligent Running programs (iMarathon, iHalf, i10 Project).

Just like with Beginner’s Luck, there’s no time pressure with The Running Apprentice.  There are 3 runs to complete for each Lesson, but as we’re not working towards a specific race or date, you can progress through them at your own pace.

You’ll learn the theory about each of these training systems (and then have a go at them out on the roads):

1) Interval training
2) Threshold running
3) Hill training
4) Recovery weeks (yes, these are a real thing!)
5) Fartlek training
6) Complex intervals (though they’re actually quite simple!)
7) Negative splits
8) Tapering

Your next move

If you’re wondering where to go next after Beginner’s Luck, The Running Apprentice is a logical step.  It’s just a tenner, and by the end of the 8 weeks you’ll emerge a strong and confident ‘real runner’.