Ben Hooper Atlantic Swimmer

I caught wind of Ben Hooper’s incredible challenge a month or so ago. As part of his preparation to swim the Atlantic Ocean, he was taking part in a study to find out how much of an effect music had on your perception of exertion. Mindset is an area I’m incredibly interested in, and so I asked him if he’d record a little interview with me. Of course, I wanted to find out more about the logistics of this 4 month monster swim, and how on earth he was planning on getting down 10,000 Calories whilst swimming 12 hours a DAY, so I was thrilled when he agreed.

Running Training in Between Programs

Many of us runners are at an in-between stage with our training right now. Although there are still a few races left in the calendar, huge cohorts of the community are biding their time until the next phase of running training for 2016 targets. Perhaps there’s a little apathy towards running right now.   A dip in motivation. The idea of stepping out the door onto the dark, cold and wet roads might not appeal as much as it did when you had a Big Goal bearing down on you. Plus your body needs a break, right? But imagine going into your next phase of training feeling super strong, fit… Read the full article »

The most unfair race in the world?

Somebody was telling me about a very strange race he took part in at the weekend, called ‘The Bingo Race’. Before the start, everybody is allocated 3 numbers between 1 & 30 and then set off on a 2.2 mile lap course. At the end of each lap you take a ball from a bag of 30, hoping to get one of your numbers before heading out for another lap. This goes on until you have collected all 3 of your numbers, or the 10 hour timer runs out (!) So technically you could run 6.6 miles and win the race, or 50 miles and DNF, which is what happened… Read the full article »

Tough Mudder with Team Sony & Men’s Fitness

On August 1 I took part in the Yorkshire Tough Mudder event as one of the coaches assigned to get ‘Team Sony’ into shape ahead of the event. The results were published in the October edition of Men’s Fitness magazine as well as a couple of videos on the Sony channel. Here’s the article from Men’s Fitness:  A couple of videos to give you an idea of what the challenge is like… Join Team Believe on May 1 2016 Fancy a challenge for next year? Tough Mudder is a fantastic event for the way it combines very physical challenges in a very do-able way. The emphasis is on team work,… Read the full article »

The pressure to ‘know your purpose’

Setting goals isn’t an easy thing to do. At least not the big, meaningful ones. We’re ok at setting the weight loss or performance goals, but sometimes it can feel like we’re under a lot of pressure to be crystal clear on our greater aspirations. To articulate precisely what it is that we want to achieve. But it isn’t an easy thing to do. Lurching from one short term goal to the next doesn’t quite hit the mark. Lose 10lb. Run a marathon. Learn to swim. All great big goals, and all of them just a part of something bigger that’s a hell of a lot harder to define. This… Read the full article »