Susan Carolan
George’s emails keep me motivated and often catch me at that moment of the day when I start to feel myself getting a little lazy or thinking of deviating from the goal I set out to achieve that morning. They remind me of what I can get out of my training plan or diet with just a little effort. Often I think to myself, “i’ve often wondered that”… and he has just answered it.

Claire Jones
George’s emails have really helped me as a fairly new runner, after recently doing my first half marathon I’ve got more interested in how to improve my technique and speed, your tips have helped and I am using some of them. I’m also taking more of an interest in nutrition and how it can help my performance so I find anything to do with a runners diet really helpful. Keep sending me your emails as I do read all of them and take it all in. Thanks!

My name is Melissa. I have 6 kids. I started running last October and loved it right from the start. For the first time in 10 years I started something to benefit me. The emails and the last webinar has made me realise my progress is mine and mine alone. I chose to train alone for two reasons . I have to go when I have my husband at home. He works shift work so that is hit and miss and also I do t like to measure myself to anyone else. Since then I did a 5k in dec a 4 mile in dec and 10k in March . I have a 5k planned for April 12 and will be looking for one event every month . Without the advise I don’t know if I would have had faith in myself.by the way I need advise on how to continue running while pregnant as I am planning to be for June. Thank you for all your help!

Maura Collins
I did a beginner’s program last summer and watching your videos on running technique and proper breathing really helped me.I also love the motivation al side of your emails-very inspiring!

Brige O’Connor
If you want to know in lay man/woman’s language then this is the place to be. George offers advise, tips, best practice, video, webinars and many varied ways to improve ones mindset and the times one hopes to run a particular event. And in my opinion there isn’t anyone who sends all the info George sends. Thanks a mil.

Gareth Wooster
George has a unique way of presenting information about running, nutrition and general lifestyle “choices” we make. The information received is informative and presented in a friendly almost one to one basis. If you have any additional information needed on a particular topic the online forums provide a wealth of information from people from all walks (and runs) of life. Cannot recommend this highly enough.

Kim Smith
I find that your emails re focus me on how to achieve my goals. I feel that the your approach with your emails is excellent, you inject a sense of fun with them that you don’t find with other sites like yours. You get the bad days and fess up when you’re having them. You don’t ever get preachy or come across as better than me because you are a coach. And with all of that you give sound, intelligent, well thought out advice, whilst also saying that this is your opinion through what you have found. For all of these reasons I would and have recommended your emails to others I know who run.

Emma McDonnell
I originally signed up when I entered a half marathon. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate yourself to get out and run or workout in the evenings but I find reading George’s emails really helps. He also provides lots of information on current trends in nutrition and fitness. I will probably be signing up for his Intelligent Marathon program in the near future.

Eimear O’Sullivan
I am a non-competitive runner, entering races for the enjoyment of the day and to have a goal. I have run one marathon, a dozen half marathons and countless shorter distances. George’s emails cater for me and his approach is very down to earth, in what can often feel like an elite, exclusive sport. The emails are my daily motivators and when I think I will skip my evening run, George passes on excellent advice on technique, nutrition or training your mind, wrapped up in a funny anecdote from his life and this gets me back in the running frame of mind.

Marie Carolan
I have gotten great tips from all the emails I receive. In fact I really look forward to them coming. As a consequence of receiving these email I’ve gone on to do courses where I’ve met some really good friends and stay in touch to this day.

Jo Bromwich
Great workout ideas, especially the short ones that I can do at home while the dinner is cooking. Great recipes, and also the general feeling that I can do things – great encouragement!

Helen Dowdall
Hi George, I have been receiving emails and coaching advice from you since joining your marathon training programme in 2009, yes 5 years. The programmes worked and have got me through 3 marathons, knocking over an hour off my first race time. My diet has changed to be more ‘clean & lean’ by following your advice and also I enjoy your daily emails with tips and advice. I would definitely recommend you to any runners.

Marissa Lester
I find the emails absolutely hit the spot on all aspects of my running, nutrition and general state of mind well being. Even when I’m pushed for time I always get drawn into the subject as it generally comes at just the time I need that specific bit of advice. When I completely lost my running mojo a couple of years back, I wasn’t reading all the emails as I thought “well I’m not a runner anymore, no point in reading those”. But your little ‘nags’ lured me back and I am so grateful for it. I can’t really thank you enough as you have helped me so much to get my fitness, healthy diet and health mindset back. I don’t want to sound too gushing but, there we are…

Victoria Hayes
My first email from you was way back in 2009. I trained for my first ever half marathon with only your advice – At 37 yrs without ever having run before I finished the RHM in 2.20, after only a few weeks training. I have Crohn’s disease – After a very difficult few years, I feel it is now finally under control due to a combination of the right medication, a good diet and my new found love of running! :o) Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I have purchased your Intelligent Half Marathon, which I intend to put into practice for The Henley Half Marathon. Thanks again

Sandra Hey
I find, the more something is kept in your mind, or the more regularly you are reminded of it, the more you will think about it and are aware of it. Having a regular e-mail reminder to be mindful about my diet and training regime is wonderful. It just helps to keep me on track. That is not even considering the useful, insightful and generally fairly entertaining content. For me, just knowing that when one of George’s e-mails pops up in my inbox I will be reminded of what I should be doing, (training regularly and eating clean) works for me. It really helps as well that they are always positive, supportive and informative.

Anna Wemyss
I normally just read the emails and sometimes click on the links to read the articles too. I like that the content is always changing and they are usually quite topical about different food and exercise trends. I think they remind me of why I like to keep fit and healthy too.

Monica McCarthy
I was a runner and did a few marathons. I found you mid 2008 right before I did the Dublin marathon. I have been a non runner since about July 2011 when I became pregnant with my first child. When she was 11 months I became pregnant again and had my son in December. I am now done having children and intend to start running again over the next few months. I decided to keep up with your emails as a motivator. I found when I read them I would get that stirring inside, the want and need to be fit, active and out in the elements would be so strong it has helped keep me going. I will start running again and you will help me. I’ve kept all the articles that I felt applied to me and maybe one day I will get to do one of your clinics. Thanks for doing this.

Raymond Ruttle
George’s emails are great at giving you a gentle prod at getting your nutrition and training on the right course. There’s no major guilt trips and it’s not for total elite athletes just perfect for people who are starting out or improving on a specific race distance. He consistently provides varied free video content of a really high quality.

Sarah Edwards
I read EVERY email and always find them entertaining – and i’m sure a lot of it goes in subconsciously which I think is your intention. My favourite thing was the NLP link which i listen to a lot and i genuinely think it has made a big difference. I like the fact they are not just diet and exercise focused but LIFE…and the more you read the more it spreads like a good virus. Another memorable email was the one about trying to get through a day without complaining and i attempt that often and it has slowly swung my thinking. Although it is good it’s not all about diet – I enjoy it when you focus on one kind of food…like coffee, and I would like you to do that every now and then, maybe once a week. the good and the bad.

Vicki Williams
Really interesting ways to re-think your approach to training. You always remind me to think about the ‘whole picture'; nutrition, strength, recovery and sleep are just as important as getting miles under your belt. Great motivational & inspirational emails and honesty so I don’t feel like the only one who finds certain aspects of training tough. Love the videos demonstrating exercises so I know I’m not making mistakes at home and I can refer back to them at any time.

Dermot Martin
As someone who is into nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, I find George’s emails both engaging and informative.

Michael Rea
The generally positive attitude and can do attitude is refreshing. A lot of people I know moan about having to exercise or run like it’s a job. From your emails you seem to have held onto the child like fun associated with just running, whether its on the road or through mud. I haven’t bought anything yet but the whole idea of feeding your body the right fuels and not having to run 170 miles a week in order to run a marathon have challenged my way of thinking. I come from an era where you didn’t stretch or warm up/cool down if you were a real man so I am slowly coming around to your view or quality over quantity. The frequency of the mails is great too. It is like a daily shot in the arm of inspiration. Sometimes I delete them after a quick scan and sometimes I let them sit in my inbox to re-read. I used to take 3 and a half spoons of sugar(in each mug) in my numerous mugs of coffee each day. I am down to 2 and a half per mug now and have introduced 2 litres of water as well so that means I can’t physically drink as much coffee and as a result have less sugar too. I reckon that I have taken 8-10 spoons of sugar out of my daily diet along with about 2 mugs of coffee. You wore me down with your constant talk of the dangers of sugar-thanks!

Wendy Crockford
I always look forward to reading George’s e-mails as they reinforce my lifestyle as a triathlete and include some top tips and recommendations. I’ve not had an alcoholic drink since I read Jason Vale’s book (August) upon his recommendations. Eat that frog and the 4-hour work week have also been superb life-changing suggestions. I now have lean greens every day. Another of his tips. The odd recipe (yet to try out) and training and ‘mental’ tips keep the content varied and interesting.

John Murphy
The e-mail topics are quite varied with running technique, motivation and nutrition being covered. I always enjoy a quick sneaky read of the e-mail whilst at work and then go back to it later if the topic has got me interested. A bit distracting though because I sometimes feel like going for an immediate run!

Ikuko Wright
I would say the main thing Is this; George’s Email helped me how to motivate myself. Sometimes the topic are very relevant to me, sometimes not. His workout video helped me how to warm up or certain exercises to do for running. His emails are positive, remind me of keeping going towards my goal, even if it’s tough sometimes. As I live in the country, there are few people who actually can answer my silly small questions, but his emails have a few tips here and there which was very useful. Thanks, I finally decided to use your ihalf programme soon…… Regards, Ikuko

Steph Mcenroe
Find them very inspiring when you’re having a bad day or have gone off track with training. Helpful to know that someone like George has the same “moments” and understand how he gets back on track

Matthew Seward
Hi George I find your e-mails very good and informative, They help, motivate and encourage me. I would recommend other people if their having motivation issues.

Susan Noel
I find them valuable in that they talk about information I am interested, nutrition and exercise. The discussions on technique have been really helpful in improving my technique and recovery. I watched the nutrition seminar and the diagram on how people lose weight but not the toxins explained perfectly how I was in terms of not being able to maintain my weight. It spurred me on to the kick start which has totally educated me. I thought I was eating healthy beforehand! I am a total convert to clean eating, I don’t want unclean stuff in my body. I look and feel sooo much better. Oh and I think the first change I made from your emails was the leans drink. Originally I found it hard to drink on its own had to mix with orange juice. Since kick start my taste buds have changed and I like it with water!

David Byrne
They have helped keep me focused on what I can achieve after my recovery from ACL replacement. I’m reading the stories and taking from them what is relevant and keeping focused on getting back running again (hopefully in 3-4 weeks time)

Mary Newport
Your emails are very motivating, providing a lot of information (nutrition specifically) that has helped me, with a lot of info that I did not know before. Thanks for your inspiration and motivation!

Ned Campbell
George, I have been signed up to your various ‘stuff’ for about one year now and I can honestly say that there hasn’t been one thing that I haven’t appreciated. You genuinely inspire me to keep going and on many occasions your emails just drop in at exactly the right time. Thanks for a great year!! Ned

I enjoy reading what you have to say and if anything really catches my eye I’ll read into it a bit more, mainly out of general interest rather than for achieving a goal or anything. I suppose the articles I found most helpful were those on good running/exercising form, stretching, recovery, avoiding injuries and foam rolling. Used to suffer a bit from injuries but seem to have gotten over that lately by doing the above. I’d recommend other people to sign up (and have done, they enjoy your articles as well) as its a great source of information and good ideas. Also I like your outlook towards nutrition and diet. Thanks!

Sue Hardman
I have recently starting running at the age of 48, having always said “I can’t run”. I have been receiving your emails for about a month now. I find them very informative and love the tips that you provide. For anyone thinking about taking up running then you can’t help but be inspired by the words of George Anderson.

Jenni Loudon
The emails etc are not only informative and interesting, they are also motivating and just seem to arrive at the right time. The first email reminded me about the Golden Key and hit my inbox just an hour or so before I went out for my first run. It was like I really had a personal coach. The next one taught me about breathing technique. I also like the personal style of the emails. I know that you’re not talking to me directly but that is how it feels. As a Brit living in Germany, it’s great to have a British style and perspective – no American over-enthusiasm and hoopla in sight thankfully…

…As a follow up, today as I was running the real benefit of your emails hit me – BELIEF. There is great power in having a stranger communicate their belief in you. It happened to me two years ago and those people unintentionally changed my life. I just realised today, that this is what the Beginner’s Luck program/your emails are doing for me again now. Thanks for the blind belief in me that my mind and body is now translating into belief in itself.

Katherine Sargeant
I love it when these bite size chunks of running wisdom land in my inbox! After being down with 3 weeks out with a niggle in Feb, and pre-London Marathon, George A has encouraged me to think about different components, notably “running in the moment” which has also helped me to focus on breathing, arm swing and deal with fatigue. My 20 mile run last Saturday seemed to pass in a flash. I know I was lucky to get my training back on track.

Gillian Allen
I was already a very experienced runner but work, living abroad and child birth put pay to any competitive running for a while. I stumbled across George’s website and liked what I saw. It was ‘intelligent’ and took into account other life factors and allowed me to gradually start training and racing again without putting too much strain on family life. I found I enjoyed receiving the emails as they were always very informative and fun and I have learned so much about nutrition and have made major changes to my diet and feel so much better. Thanks George!