Take Massive Action

I went to my first ever awards ceremony last Thursday, as Ugg Foods were a finalist in the Federation of Small Businesses Awards for Bucks County.

Ugg awardsI’m the health & fitness director of the company; a great little set up that creates the most amazing grain & sugar free cake & bread mixes (in other words, healthy cake!)

Ugg had entered the category for best new business, so about 8 of us from the team went along for the big fancy dinner and presentation.

There were a couple of hundred people there, big stage, spotlights, lectern, proper black tie do… I’m more used to mincing around in a tracksuit but managed to dig out and dust down my tux for the evening.

Our category was first up, and we won – yay for Ugg!


Ugg Foods: “Likely to become a household name” according to the judges!

Cue lots of loud music and clapping (everyone was still really enthusiastic at that point, less so towards the end of the ceremony!) and the big presentation on the stage.

About an hour and 16 categories later, the overall winner for best business in the county was announced and low and behold Ugg Foods won that as well which was the icing on the cake.

So a massively successful night for Ugg Foods,

but what’s this got to do with you?

Well, everything.

You see, getting the presentation ready for that award took a lot of effort from several people in the team.

It would have been much easier to NOT enter for the awards – certainly a lot less pressure.

And what if we had failed?

Done all that and then come back empty handed?

After all there were 5 other excellent businesses in our category and perhaps 50 businesses in the running for the overall award so it could easily have happened.

All that time and effort, all that disappointment, all that negativity of not achieving what we set out for…

Any one of those factors could have been enough to put Ugg off entering in the first place – to play it safe.

But none of them did.

They just decided to go for it, figured out what they needed to do, then set about doing it.

Big. Bold. Action.

THAT is what this has to do with you.

Because I’ll bet that there are things that YOU don’t do because there’s either a risk of failure, or it’s a lot of effort and it’s easier NOT to do it.

Sticking your head above the parapet means there’s a chance somebody’s going to come along and shoot you down.

If I’m really honest this is a fear of mine in a big way and something I’m gradually overcoming, but that’s a story for another day.

Doing nothing is always easier than taking action, but also a lot less fulfilling.

Losing weight, getting fit, training for a marathon, or cleaning up your diet.

Whatever it is that you want, nothing’s going to happen until you start to take some kind of action.