Tough Mudder with Team Sony & Men’s Fitness

On August 1 I took part in the Yorkshire Tough Mudder event as one of the coaches assigned to get ‘Team Sony’ into shape ahead of the event.

The results were published in the October edition of Men’s Fitness magazine as well as a couple of videos on the Sony channel.

Here’s the article from Men’s Fitness:

Tough Mudder Men's Fitness article

 A couple of videos to give you an idea of what the challenge is like…

Join Team Believe on May 1 2016

Fancy a challenge for next year?

Tough Mudder is a fantastic event for the way it combines very physical challenges in a very do-able way.


The emphasis is on team work, with no timers or positions.

Our 10.5 mile lap of the course took us over 4 hours and we laughed our way round every step of it.

I’m putting a team together for the event in Henley on May 1 and would love you to join us.

All you need to do is to enter the event through their website here, then when prompted to select a team enter ‘Team Believe’.

The password to join is ‘crevice’.

I’ll be putting together an optional training program you can choose to follow or do your own thing, then we’ll get some t-shirts, arrange a get together before the our start time and get ready to have some fun!