When treadmills fight back

I’m putting together a video on running technique because it’s one of the questions I get asked most frequently about.

I’ve shot loads of videos in the last few years: interviews, ‘talking head piece to camera’, exercise demos… but I’ve never picked up an injury for my troubles.

So I was a little shocked yesterday to come away with a skinned elbow and knee and bruised fingers.

I’ll tell you what happened… no, I’ll show you what happened as the camera was set up to record at the time and captured just about everything.

I’ve not had much sympathy for my injuries which I think is a little unfair. Even my wife laughed out loud at my expense.

Basically, I stacked it

But any time I suffer at the hands of misfortune I look for the lesson (other than ‘don’t step onto a treadmill moving at 12kph’).

There was only one other person in the gym at the time, a headphone-wearing girl somewhere behind me doing a strange movement with a pair of dumbbells that I didn’t quite recognise.

When I went down, all that was running through my head was what must have been running through her head.  I did my best to make it look like I’d done it deliberately.

treadmill injury

Treadmills: dangerous

All in a day’s work. Happens all the time. Perfectly natural to scrabble around on a rapidly moving rubberised surface as it removes layers of skin.

She did a pretty good job of pretending not to have noticed me flailing about but what was interesting was that my first thoughts ran to what other people must have thought.

She MUST have been saying to herself “Oooh that looked painful. Perhaps I should help or ask if he’s ok? What was he doing stepping onto a moving treadmill, idiot!”

But what other people think is none of my business

The running technique video (the real one!) will be online by Friday. We’ve got over 600 people following the Beginner’s Luck program and making sensational progress.

Progress they didn’t really believe would be possible.

One lady just posted yesterday that she started from scratch in March and just ran her first 60 minute continuous run.

Imagine how amazing that must have felt!

You and I both know how important it is to have the right technique with the exercises we do, especially running as it is so repetitive.

Which is why I really wanted to make this video to help anybody who comes unstuck with knowing what it is they should be doing to improve.

And if you know anybody else who is struggling to get into running, send ‘em over to the Beginner’s Luck website and help them on their way!