The most unfair race in the world?

bingo race

Bingo racing: unfair

Somebody was telling me about a very strange race he took part in at the weekend, called ‘The Bingo Race’.

Before the start, everybody is allocated 3 numbers between 1 & 30 and then set off on a 2.2 mile lap course.

At the end of each lap you take a ball from a bag of 30, hoping to get one of your numbers before heading out for another lap.

This goes on until you have collected all 3 of your numbers, or the 10 hour timer runs out (!)

So technically you could run 6.6 miles and win the race, or 50 miles and DNF, which is what happened to my friend.

It’s been dubbed ‘the most unfair race on the planet’ and is completely bonkers, but strangely compelling at the same time!

Or what about another race that took place the other week.

Everybody in this particular running club turns up the morning of the race without knowing what distance they’ll be running.

When it’s announced (it was 2.4 miles this time) they have to predict their finish time, then run it without watches and the winner is the person who comes in closest to their prediction.

Who thinks these things up!

Odd Distances

I wrote a piece for this month’s issue of Men’s Fitness (November) on the benefits of racing over ‘odd’ distances like 7k or 10 miles and I wish I’d known about these two gems at the time…

Mens Fitness

Men’s Fitness November

Your views?

Have you heard of an odd race that rivals the Bingo Race or ‘Predict Your Finish’?

Experienced the benefits of running odd distance races?

If so hop over to the Facebook page or comment below and let me know about them, I’m fascinated!

(BTW I’ve been busy writing this month and also have a piece on the new Men’s Fitness CoachMag website on how to choose a pair of running shoes.)