Weight loss: ‘Losing a Little’

I hate it when companies give really pathetic little discounts to try and ‘incentivise’ me to buy their products.

“Save 5%!” << Seriously, that ISN’T going to persuade me to look twice.

But yesterday’s reports on the government’s new guidelines of cutting just 3% body weight actually gets me a little bit excited.

Maybe not the reaction you were expecting from me if you’ve read the report, but I really can see a real glimmer of hope.

The report recommends obese people should aim to lose just 3% because it’s an achievable goal.

Here’s the BBC report on the recommendations

“It’s not a question of for goodness sake pull yourself together and lose a stone”, Prof Mike Kelly from NICE quite rightly said.

Which is why in the main I think these recommendations have a sniff of potential success.

Those in opposition are still banging the ‘we need to be tackling the cause of obesity‘ drum.

Of course we do, but whilst Big Commerce and Big Pharma have such a grip on policy-making that’s unlikely to happen.

The thing I like about this ‘lose a little’ campaign is that people are finally being told that even small drops in weight can lead to health benefits.

Many experts are crying out that the guidelines don’t go far enough:  “5-10% weight loss should be the target!”
But these have been the targets for many years, and we’re still getting fatter, so something ain’t working.

If you have a BMI of 35 and you drop it to 33, yes you’re still obese but your risk of diabetes just dropped.
You just got healthier.  Maybe you feel a little more energised.  Perhaps you begin to sleep a little better, or have more stable moods.

Plus, if you lose 3% of your weight that might be INSTEAD OF putting on another 3%.

The fact is that we’re getting fatter and fatter, so anything that works to reverse the trend is a good thing.

3% is a good target because a funny thing happens when you start to lose weight without it being too much of a big deal: you realise you can actually do it.

So you keep going and lose another 3%, and another, and another.

And whether you’re determined to lose weight, run a bit faster or achieve some other huge goal, results breeds enthusiasm.

Of course, I’d love it if the government subsidised everybody to come to my Boot Camp or online programs to lose their first 3%,

I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

Rosemary Connolly, Weight Watchers and Slimming World, (where they are sending people) for all their faults do have a nationwide network, so whatever.

But I don’t even think that’s the most important issue here.

The key is getting across the message of how effective ‘losing a little’ can be.

A change in mindset like that can lead to all sorts of things happening.

99% of everybody who receives my blog already get this.  You’re already ahead of the curve because looking after your health and fitness is important to you.

You may still find it hard, and you may not be quite where you want to be, but you’re on the train.

Longterm results come from creating supporting habits.