The worst possible timing

1 year ago today I began the first of my 10 back to back marathons.

Thought it’d be a great way to celebrate my birthday, but in hindsight it was possibly the worst time of the year to start something like that.

Kids back to school, wife back to work, childcare arrangements not fully sorted…

For several days there I was running a marathon in the morning, heading straight over to pick up my 2 boys, taking an ice bath, inhaling some lunch then getting a quick massage.

I’d then pick up my little girl from school before going off to do some proper work for a couple of hours once my wife returned.

So yes, I could have picked a better time to do it.

The start of September is always a bit manic as we are transitioning out of the summer holidays and into the ‘back to school routine’.

And it doesn’t seem to matter if you have kids or not – there’s still enough of a shift in energy all around us to make the presence of change known.

And this organic shift makes it the perfect time to refocus our energies on our health & fitness.

Goals that have perhaps slipped in priority status over the previous few weeks.

Interestingly I often find that clients have more success with maintaining the behaviours necessary to bring about desired changes at this time of year compared with the New Year.