Prepare for your next half marathon in just 12 weeks, with just THREE targeted weekly runs and actually ENJOY the training

Training for a half marathon is NOT simply half the work of training for a marathon!

In many ways it can be tougher.  Sure, you don't have to do quite such long runs but the pay off is that you have to run faster.

Well, of course you don't have to run faster, that's your choice.  If you want to just 'get around' and don't care about your time then you're probably in the wrong place.

The iHalf gives you just 3 runs a week to complete, but each of them is designed to help you get the best out of your running.  All sorts of people run half marathons each year, but this is a program for those who want to discover their limits.

This isn't about 'beginner, intermediate and advanced' here.  Whatever level of ability or experience you have, we ALL have the potential to push ourselves beyond our perceived limits.

Plenty of people will just 'get around' your half marathon, but...

I'm talking about how you want to remember the experience

How you'll feel when you look back at your race and know that you gave it everything.

The satisfaction you'll get when you flick through your training diary and see how much you progressed in just 12 weeks.

The surprise you'll feel for weeks, months or even years to come, when you think about how fast you were able to run (hint: what you believe are your limits right now aren't even close).

In the iHalf, you don't just 'build up the mileage' and cross your fingers on race day.

In just 36 runs, the iHalf will challenge you to re-examine what you understand about running.  

And you will earn an experience you'll always remember

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What's so special about the iHalf?

This isn't any ordinary 'here's your schedule good luck with it' type of program.  I've seen too many ambitious runners put everything into an inflexible one size fits all approach like that and come unstuck.

Blindly following the program without really understanding what it is they're trying to achieve

Being unable to flex and roll with the real world feedback you get from each run, understanding how to adjust pace to hit the right intensity.

Of course there are plenty of other ways to produce a satisfactory race.

But I'm guessing you want more than just a 'satisfactory race'.

You want to experience a sense of control, empowerment & progress with every run that you do.

A half marathon isn't just about the couple of hours of the race.

It's the journey you go on and the lessons you learn that give you the potential for that race. 

The iHalf combines phases of hill training with threshold running, 'threshold +' and interval sessions, long SLOW runs.

Many runners are freaked out by the idea of running so slowly during their long runs but when they smash a 10k PB a month before the race they realise what kind of monster shape they've gotten into.

And that requires effort, so if you're not ready to dig deep, turn back now.  Otherwise...
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How it all works

Clicking the Access links on this page take you a PayPal page, which will then redirect you to a program registration page once complete.

You can use your username and password to access the site whenever you like and either read or download the information in there.

Of course you get to download the program itself, but there's heaps more besides.

Imagine having me on hand explain every single aspect of the program to you.  Well that's what I've done with explanatory videos and notes that cover just about everything you'll need to make the program work for you.

  • All training sessions fully explained
  • Body conditioning program to help get you strong and injury-free
  • Nutrition guide
  • Foam rolling and flexibility programs
  • Access to the legendary Facebook support group

I've trained enough people for the event to know that you will have many questions along the way.

  • What should I eat?
  • How can I stay focused?
  • What if I have to miss a few sessions?
  • How do I know if I'm on track to achieve my goals?
  • Which core exercises should I be doing?
  • How can I prevent frustrating injuries?

And there'll be dozens more, and without answers at your finger tips you're hanging your sizeable investment on a wing and a prayer.

Which is why the support you get with this program is so VITAL

It's not like information is thin on the ground with the iHalf, but when you do have questions like that you just ask 'em over on the forum.

Some runners join the iHalf JUST to gain access to this group, as it's grown to become a self-supporting community.

The only people who get to see the content are runners who have purchased the iMarathon, iHalf or i10 Project.

This means that not only will you be able to get advice and tips from runners who have previously completed the program, you'll meet other runners following the exact same program, possibly even training for the exact same race.

This is HUGELY powerful for motivation, as you'll never have those days where you're left feeling that you're the only one going through this.

The support is unreal, and of course I'm in there personally, answering YOUR questions, which will give you invaluable peace of mind.

What other runners are saying...

“My biggest concern before I started was I had no idea whether the training I was doing was actually any good. I could knock out the miles but there wasn’t any science to it. It was just run and then the next week run a bit further. The biggest challenge was boosting my knowledge of how fast I could run so I didn’t have to set a slow pace to ensure I finished.

On the race day I ran, from my point of view, a perfect race. Every mile was exactly on schedule and I finished a full 7 minutes faster than my previous PB. Best of all I finished really well. Worst of all I know I could do it quicker. So my next race is already in the diary and the training weeks are already booked in. Now I know what to expect and what the aim of the training is all about”

- Martin Dix

“Before I purchased the program I was heading out running 5 times per week plus gym visits, but I was not getting any faster and I found that my energy and love for running was fizzling away because I was not getting any positive results and I thought I was doing everything right.

When I read your program I decided that I would give it a shot and I have to say it has been great.  I have a structured plan to follow now which is probably what I needed all along.  I have developed good muscle strength due to the body conditioning program and I knocked 5 mins off my PB in the last race I completed back in October and I hope to do even better in the next one in January!

I have now learned that going out and running without a plan or target in mind, really does not improve my running times, but focusing on different areas like, muscle strength, mind strength, speed targets and nutrition will, so thank you George!”

- Judith Landers

“Having never run a half marathon – the longest distance I’d run was 10k – I didnt really know where to start with the training. I was worried about the distance and how I would manage to put the hours in to train for that distance. So, when I saw that I could train with three runs a week and didn’t have to run further than 10 miles it sounded like it was something I could commit to.

I loved the hill runs, which suprised me and on the day, although there was only really one hill it was there that I managed to pick off about 12 people, so apart from crossing the finish line this was my high of the race! Also doing the thresholds meant that I could push that little bit harder at the finish.

I found it a lot easier to train as I could use the facebook site to ask questions, listen to other people’s experiences and get inspiration on the days that it was a bit harder to get the trainers on!

I had set my target at 2hrs 30mins and my time was 2.24, so I was six minutes faster than I had hoped.

- Marie Johnson

The iHalf Guarantee


I'm absolutely positive that you're going to love the iHalf program, and I'm willing to let you try it out absolutely risk free.  

After your purchase, take a full 30 days to get stuck into the training, download all the program content from our members site, join the private coaching group on Facebook (that everybody raves about) and get a feel for how the whole thing works.

If after 30 days you don't think that it's right for you, or you've bitten off more than you can chew, all you need to do is email me your PayPal receipt and I'll organise a full refund.

Access the iHalf for just £35


Money Back Guarantee



"Frequently Asked Questions"

What do I do if I don't understand something in the program?
I've got you covered.  I think the program itself is pretty comprehensive, but occasionally questions do arise.  Perhaps something needs clarifying, or you want to know how you could adapt it due to injury or missed sessions.  
No Problem!  We have a very active private Facebook coaching group that you will get free lifetime access to.  Not only am I in there answering questions and taking part in discussions every day, dozens of other runners who have already completed the program are waiting to answer questions and support you as well.
Can I interact with other runners following the same program?
Yep, that's where the private Facebook group really comes into its own.  There are always other runners at some stage of the iHalf, so you can easily buddy up with them and compare training notes.
Is the iHalf suitable for beginners?
Not complete beginners, no.  If you can't currently run for an hour non-stop (even VERY slowly), my recommendation would be to grab yourself a copy of my Beginner's Luck program and do that until you're confident you can run for an hour.

Speed isn't important at this stage - that'll come later - but you'll need a base to start from.

If you can run for an hour already but still don't feel confident tackling speed work, check out my 8 week Running Apprentice program which will teach you how each of the different training systems work.

Other than that, the iHalf will help you round a half marathon if your target time is anywhere between 90 minutes and 2:45 hours.

Either side of that, contact me and I'll give you some other options.
How do I access the program once I have purchased it?
You'll be immediately redirected to the private members area,, where you will be invited to register a username and password.

When you log in, all the information you need is presented in a logical way.  Although the members site makes it easier to watch the videos and read the programs, you are free to download all the content onto your computer if you prefer.
Do I have to be ready to start the program immediately?
Nope, you can start as soon as you're ready.  It's a 12 week program, so count back from your race day and that's when you want to start.  However, you can buy the program and start getting your head around it right away.

Ideally you should aim to have a week or 2 of easy running before starting Week 1 to make sure your body is rested and ready to embark on the adventure.

Don't forget, as soon as join you'll get access to the famous private iRunning Facebook group ;)
Do I have to do the body conditioning program as well or can I just run?
Of course you don't have to do the conditioning program, but I can highly recommend that you do.  Even if you just do the mobilisers and stability drills, it will make a big difference to how robust you are as a runner, reducing your chances of injury.